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Team Quaker Brings the Fuel to Game Day

Work to Play week 5 ended with UI kids from West Englewood, Brighton Park and the Near South Side coming together at Chicago Indoor Sports for a special game day! Gunsaulus was the first to arrive, and got the opportunity to play a few rounds of Junk Food Tag with a group of great volunteers from Quaker to warm up before breaking off into teams for scrimmages. Teams from National Teachers Academy and Claremont arrived suited up and ready to go, and were quickly split into teams and on the field. 12 amazing and engaged volunteers from Quaker took the fields alongside the UI kids as they played soccer. Team Quaker served as referees, coaches and every kids biggest fan.
After the 110 UI kids broke off into teams, Quaker volunteers helped lead stretches, and even set up a few soccer drills! After soccer games finished, Quaker coaches and their teams sat down and recapped their week 5 lesson of Respect. Once it was time to get back on the school bus, the Quaker team surprised the players with their favorite healthy snack to enjoy on the bus ride back to their school, Chewy’s!
Urban Initiatives would like to thank all of the amazing volunteers from, Quaker that came out and helped our week 5 Friday Game Day be so much fun! Special shoutout to #UIJB members, Heather Nooks, Jake Nast and Jamie Hitch for leading the charge and getting their fellow Quaker teammates to come out and volunteer!

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