Scientific Study Collaboration with CLOCC and DePaul

UI has received a $20,000 grant from the Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago’s Children (CLOCC) to complete a scientific study, entitled Urban Initiatives: A Preliminary Investigation of Short-Term Health Outcomes, in collaboration with researchers at the DePaul School of Psychology. Jocelyn Carter, Ph.D. will serve as the project evaluator and will supervise all research activities. The two sites we expand our program into this upcoming fall will serve as the intervention group and the two sites we plan to expand our program into the fall of 2010-2011 will serve as the control group. The study will measure overweight status, physical fitness, daily activity level, and health knowledge of 120 students. We are extremely excited and grateful to CLOCC and DePaul for the opportunity to conduct the study.

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