PwC Joins UI for Game Day

Chicago Indoor Sports played host to an exciting UI game day on Friday, March 24. Students from Lee, Ward, and Reavis and a contingent of PwC volunteers enjoyed the afternoon together, which was filled with fun and healthy competition as the three teams scrimmaged against one another.

Volunteers from PwC and the UI staff could feel the energy in the room as students met fellow Work to Play participants from different schools and neighborhoods. This energy was further displayed during the scrimmages that afternoon, where students put the soccer skills they had developed over the season to the test.

Our volunteers from PwC weren’t afraid to get in the game either, participating in warm up stretches with the teams, playing with the students, and helping to further instill the UI values of teamwork and sportsmanship throughout the day.

UI has the best partners and volunteers in the city. Thank you so much to our volunteers from PwC for taking the time out of their afternoons to help create Chicago’s next generation of leaders through the power of play!

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