Coach Laughlin from Prieto Talks Northbrook Crosstown Success

The kids from Prieto and Goethe had a blast at the Northbrook Crosstown Classic!

We hopped off the bus and were warmly greeted by “Coach Stephanie.” Stephanie and the rest of the Northbrook parents/coaches were wonderful hosts. They quickly helped our players get involved in small-sided games on the fields with the Spartan FC players.

As we always do when playing other teams or schools, the Prieto team held a meeting to discuss sportsmanship and respect no matter who our opponents might be. Aylin, one of our more outspoken players, ran up to me during her game and said, “It’s easy being a good sport with these kids. They are all so nice!”

Throughout the afternoon, I could hear words of encouragement from Northbrook players to ours, and vice versa. The entire group had a great opportunity to bond and play some soccer together with each other.

At the end of the games, we were graciously provided with pizza, Rice Krispie treats, water, and apples. The kids were thrilled, and the Northbrook parents and coaches made sure all our players had plenty to eat before our bus ride back home. The event was a great experience for all our players, and it provided them with a chance to make some great friends while playing some great soccer.

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