Parents Share Recipes at 1st “Healthy Junta”

Food is great way to bring families and communities together.  Urban Initiatives partnered with Healthy Schools Campaign to have our first Healthy Junta cook-off hosted at Little Village Academy.  Parents from Daley, Gunsaulus, McCormick, and LVA each brought dishes that are healthy, delicious, and representative of their culture. Each school had a guest judge, and Guillermo Gomez from Healthy Schools Campaign made the  opening remarks!


Groups consisted of 3-5 parents working together to create a healthy dish to enter into the showcase.  A representative from each school explained how they choose their recipe and what modifications were made. Moms glowed with pride as they presented their dish, and everyone’s mouth watered as they looked forward to tasting.

McCormick School brought a tasty chicken mango salad with wheat crackers. They were recognized for “Most Creative Use of Ingredients.” Little Village brought water flavored with lemons and cucumbers along with fresh veggie pasta salad that included broccoli, cauliflower, black beans, tomatoes, and a homemade Italian dressing.  They won Best Use of Vegetables. Gunsaulus brought a homemade orange mango juice with diced mangos, apples, and chamoy for that extra spicy kick. They also brought a pescado-con-salsa recipe that was to die for!

Nora Avila, Parent Advocate, said, “It was a great event because if brought parents from others school, made new friends, and shared recipes. This really promoted family engagement and showed parents that eating healthy can be fun and delicious!”

The first Healthy Junta was such a success that the next one is already on the calendar!

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