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LinkedIn’s Premium Volunteers

On September 25, volunteers from LinkedIn took the field with players from Kozminski Academy and Morton School of Excellence at Humboldt Park. LinkedIn’s last Corporate Coaching day came at the very end of the spring 2015 season, and it was great to have a few familiar faces in the mix to kick off our fall games.

After introducing the players to their new coaches for the day, Kozminski and Morton’s teams were ready for action. Though the teams had only been playing together for two weeks, they were more than ready to show off some of their new moves. LinkedIn’s coaches had plenty to cheer about as the players worked on passing with their sweet spots and keeping the ball on a short leash as they moved from one end of the field to the other.

The teams played their way through three, 20-minute games before coming together for snack time, team discussions about respect, and group pictures. “This was a great way to start the fall season,” said Coach Katie, one of Urban Initiatives’ volunteer coordinators. “LinkedIn’s team were really engaged with our players, and they made the game day a huge success.”

Thanks to LinkedIn for continuing to support Urban Initiatives’ Work to Play participants and for being a super fun partner. We can’t wait to see you again!

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