Lawndale Hits the Football Field

This past Saturday, the Lawndale Work to Play team was invited to partake in a Flag Football clinic put on by the Menomonee Club of Chicago at Beautiful Waveland Park. The kids from Lawndale were uncontrollably excited on the way to the field knowing that they would be playing a different kind of football. The day started with some stretching and a few relay races to burn off all of the Halloween candy the kids had eaten the day before. After some spirited races, the kids were taught the proper way to grip and throw a football. Vincent, a third grader in the program promptly told one of the coaches that he “couldn’t wait to be the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears!”

After mastering the art of throwing and catching, the final drill consisted of running an impromptu play from scrimmage. The play was a surprising success as acting quarterback, Davion, threw a perfect pass to a wide-open Zoe for a crowd-pleasing touchdown! Following the perfect play it was time for some snacks and reflection on how it is beneficial to our health to play all sports not just soccer.

Before the buss arrived to take the Lawndale students back home, there was an opportunity for them to follow Coach Becca to the lakefront to see the choppy seas of Lake Michigan. Many of the kids had never been so close to the lake and were amazed at the size of the waves. Jamarion was convinced that the waves that day “were way bigger than the Ocean’s.” After a quick group picture it was time to head back on the bus to warm up and share highlights of the day. Urban Initiatives would like to thank all the coaches of the Menomonee Club Chicago who led the day’s activities! The Lawndale team cannot wait for next year!

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