J.R. Albert Foundation Takes Time To Play With Our Kids

The Daley Academy soccer team recently had the opportunity to showcase their soccer skills and most importantly their knowledge of healthy eating and living for Urban Initiatives’ largest funder, the J.R. Albert Foundation.  After a great warm up led by Coach J, the Daley players showed everyone what unhealthy foods they need to stay away from through one of their favorite games, Junk Food Tag. Racing around the gym avoiding unhealthy foods like cheeseburgers, potato chips and soda the Daley team gave a lesson on how to avoid junk food by simply running away from it.

After a quick game of Knockout, the Daley team introduced themselves to members of the J.R. Albert Foundation and shared with them their favorite ways of being active and eating healthy. The Daley moms also spoke candidly about the impacts they believe the Work to Play Program has had not only on their kids but also on themselves. Once new friends were made everyone celebrated a great off-season workout by eating some healthy Subway sandwiches.

After the tasty and nutritious meal Daley players were dismissed to enjoy the rest of their summer. Third grader Eddie said, “I can’t wait for school to start again so I can play soccer with my friends!” as he walked towards the door.

We can’t wait either Eddie and it will all be possible because of the continued support from the J.R. Albert Foundation and other partners like them.

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