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Hey Morton, What Do Ya Say…

Many kids and parents from the morton School of Excellence Work to play team experienced their first ever chicago cubs game last wednesday when the cubs took the field against the pittsburgh pirates.

Of the 35 students and parents that boarded the bus headed to Wrigley Field most had never seen a live baseball game.  No one left the ball park disappointed.  While the beautiful spring weather may have been enough to make this a perfect night, the families from Morton were also treated to a thrilling game that saw Wrigley Field erupt in song following a 7-5 victory.  

When it comes to baseball games you could not ask for a better experience.  The teams combined for seven homeruns, including back to back homeruns by the Cubs.  The Cubs homeruns lead to an outbreak of dancing and laughing among the Morton kids which lasted until they arrived back at the school.  When Romel, who is a Take the Lead Team Captain at Morton, was asked what was his favorite moment of the game he responded, “All the runs scored and the Cubs winning!”  It did have to be pointed out to the kids that while baseball is always fun to watch, seeing a game with twelve runs and seven homeruns is not a guarantee. This just lead to the families realizing that this had been a great night of baseball and it had them extra excited that they could enjoy it with their kids.
On behalf of Urban Initiatives and the Morton Work to Play team we would like to send a huge thank you to the Chicago Cubs.  The Wednesday night game at Wrigley allowed several members of the Morton Work to Play team to experience a new sport they knew little about. It is safe to say that after such an amazing night, the Cubs have definitely gained 35 new fans!

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