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A Year with Healthy Places in Back of the Yards

hppix.JPGIn addition to the Work to Play Program, Urban Initiatives was able to implement a project called Healthy Places. Through a grant from the Centers for Disease Control, we were able to expand our presence in 4 partner schools on the South Side. Working with school administrators, teachers and parent groups, we formed Wellness Committees at each school to drive projects and emphasize the importance of healthy lifestyles.

Through this grant-funded project, we were able to support our amazing partner schools beyond the soccer team and reach more kids in the school with our message. Furthermore, we were able to help schools complete the HealthierUS Schools Challenge, which is a national award to recognize schools who celebrate the value of health.

 By the numbers, here are just a few of the things that were able to accomplish in schools this year with the Healthy Places project:

•1660 students participate in a Food of the Month program
•700 students served by OrganWise Guys; 30 classroom teachers have versatile nutrition education materials
•500 students able to make healthier eating choices with a salad bar in their cafeteria
•175 middle school students will participate in workshops about sexual health (which is very limited in school) from the Robert Crown Center
 130 students participated in fruit smoothie demos using only fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy (to learn that healthy food can be easy and delicious!)
 4 professional development days have incorporated a meaningful  discussion for teachers to increase physical activity, healthy rewards and nutrition education in their classrooms


Thanks to all the school staff and partner organizations that gave Urban Initiatives this opportunity to explore new ways of fostering healthier school communities

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