Family Fitness Night with the Lee Lions

The mighty Lee Lions sure know how to get in shape and have fun! On Wednesday February 17th Kate Klapperich and Savannah McKinley (UI staff members) volunteered at Lee’s Family Fitness Night! With over 150 participants, Lee was full of students and their families participating in Zumba, soccer tournaments, yoga, and recess games. Blast fitness Burbank was also in attendance; working hard to offer their community inexpensive gym memberships and fitness classes, they did an amazing job of showing parents fun and effective home exercise tips.

Stepping out of their comfort zones, Lee Team Captains Martin, Angel, Michael, and Abel took initiative to facilitate and lead the UI soccer station. Each player exemplified excellent leadership skills by teaching parents and their peers moves like the Messi and Maradona, as well as partaking in some UI go-to games like Dog Catcher and Coach Says. It was truly inspiring seeing our players motivate and encourage their fellow Lee Lions with such confidence and enthusiasm!

The event was wrapped up with a raffle drawing. With prizes such as Bull suite tickets, spa days, and gift cards, Lee raised money in order to help keep sporting programs at their school.  With CPS eliminating sports for 5th through 8th grade students and obesity rates on the rise, it is hard for parents to find way to keep their students engaged and in shape.  This event and those like it work hard to make sure our students are given the opportunity to participant in sports and remain healthy. Receiving high praises by everyone in attendance, we are definitely looking forward to our next Family Fitness Night!

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