COACHES STORIES – Cynthia Shares Program Success

Urban Initiatives Program Associate Cynthia Flores shares two success stories from the fall season:

A third grade boy from Otis Elementary, received low scores on his Work to Play report and had to sit out of the first game of the season. Though he had perfect attendance at practice, he was having some trouble in the classroom. When asked about his schoolwork during the practice following that game, he boasted that he had "read three books over the weekend!" Brandon’s teacher has noticed considerable improvement and, as a result, Brandon has been able to participate in all of the games following the first week.

A second grade boy from Jahn Elementary, has started off the fall season with a bang. Not only is he always at practice on time and ready to play, he also receives consistent "5’s" across the board on his Work to Play. He is always the first to raise his hand whenever the coach asks a question and ready to help his teammates when they are in need. Though he is young, he sets a great example for the rest of the team. We are so proud to have him in the program!

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