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Coach JP Keeps UI Kids Smiling

School Based Program Coordinator JP Hernandez shares the impact he has made this year.

It’s a great feeling when I wake up each morning knowing that whatever I say or do will impact how my day goes. I quickly learned that showing up with a positive attitude at your school increases the odds of you and everyone around you having a successful day. Entering Nobel and having about 5-10 students saying “Good morning!” even before the school day starts makes me feel that my role here is not just the recess guy, or the guy that just loves to have fun.

I’m the guy that will aim you in the right direction, if you allow me to guide you. I enjoy making sure that every kid at Nobel benefits from the full impact of Play with Potential Recess. My presence at school each day has given me a unique opportunity to cultivate amazing relationships with Nobel students and staff. Why is this important? It motivates me to go beyond my duties and help out as much as I can, from helping teach a class to cleaning up the lunchroom.

If I didn’t have to worry about paying bills, I would do this job for free because I know nobody else would. I love showing up to an environment where my opinion is taken into consideration and most importantly into action. Urban Initiatives has helped me improved many skills along with my mentality towards the world. Having the power to make a kid smile is like having a million bucks in my bank account.

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