Bank of America Volunteers Pay A Visit To UI Kids


As Otis, Sherman and PECS entered Chicago Indoor Sports they were greeted by a group a great volunteers from Bank of America during Week 7’s Friday Game Day. Bank of America volunteers began with introductions and explained a little bit about what they do with their company. Otis players followed by introducing themselves and what grade they’re currently in.

After the introductions Gerund Gore from Bank of America got all of her volunteers involved by leading the way to team warm-ups. After a quick stretch the Bank of America volunteers led a quick game of Junk Food Tag. The Otis players did a great job of avoiding the junk food and really impressed the Bank of America volunteers with their knowledge about the importance of staying away from unhealthy foods.

Games then got rolling Bank of America volunteers coached a few teams, worked the sidelines and even kept their eyes open for toe-bashing. Each Bank of America volunteer captained a different team so they really got to know each player, discussions on favorite school subject and healthy foods were a popular topic.

Once the sound of the final whistle was heard Bank of America volunteers teamed up with Otis for a very important discussion on self-esteem. Third grader Mya responded to Gerund’s question of what can you do to help others have high self-esteem? “You can complement them or give them a big smile and an even bigger hug!” said Mya.

After a great self-esteem chat, it was time to go but not before the Otis team gave the Bank of America volunteers their very own Urban Initiatives wristbands and a promise that will be back to volunteer in the spring.

A big thank you goes out to Gerund and all of the Back of America volunteers for taking time out of their day to come play with UI kids!

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