Attucks Parents Praise the UI Program

IMG_0001b.JPGOn a recent field trip with the Attucks soccer team, Urban Initiatives’ staff had an opportunity to chat with parents and hear their feedback on the Work to Play Program. Urban Initiatives thanks the parents for their input as well as for participating in the field trip. Committed parents are critical in raising committed youth!

"Soccer, like all team sports, is important for students like Jerry and Davion to understand the importance of teamwork, practice, and staying active. My boys look forward to going to soccer whenever the team meets. They are eager to show me some of the techniques they have learned and they make sure that I get them to practice on time. They also tell me about the healthy snacks that Urban Initiatives offers, which reinforces my efforts to provide them healthier meal choices. I think the program is great."
– Jerry, father of Davion and Jerry

"My grandsons enjoy the soccer program very much. It gives them the motivation to be positive about sports and playing with other kids their age. The program has helped a lot with their performance in the classroom, because they know if they don’t get good grades they can’t play."
-Grandmother of Bryant and Rufus

"I think soccer is a good sport especially for a lot of Chicago Public Schools because basketball, football or cheerleading are usually the only sports offered. It has improved my child’s social skills and he has leaned how to interact as a team member. Also, since he has asthma, it helps him to build up his stamina. Personally, I love being a soccer mom and an assistant coach!"
-Jamila Judkins, mother of Jakari

"My daughter, Ladreina, and I love Urban Initiatives! I love the things they do for the kids and the kids learn so much. I can’t say enough about the program – I love it with all my heart."
-Andrea Patterson, mother of Ladreina

"The Urban Initiatives’ staff is great – they are really attentive to every child. Programs like this are great for our school and neighborhood."
-Sherrica, proud parent of Dyshawn

"My daughter really enjoys playing soccer. It helps her interact with other children and learn about the rules and regulations of the game. The program teaches her about healthy eating habits and the value of exercise. I have grown to love soccer because of my daughter‘s experience and the excellent coaches."
-Dionette, mother of Wynesha

"I like the Urban Initiatives soccer program because it teaches my son to be a team player. The program helps my son Darnell in a lot of ways – it teaches him to be respectful, to work hard, to eat healthy, to do right, to listen well and focus, and to be positive."
-LaAfrica, mother of Darnell

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