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A Groupon Getaway to Jenner

Last Friday, on a beautiful October afternoon, a team of amazing volunteers from Groupon headed out to Seward Park for a game day with kids from Jenner and Walsh. As the Jenner players emerged from school, they shouted with excitement and rushed to greet their new coaches. While the two teams waited for the players from Walsh to arrive, Jenner’s players formed two big circles and showed Groupon how to pass and trap with their sweet spots.

Minutes later, buses carrying Walsh’s players got to the park, and after a quick warm-up, the Groupon volunteers each took a field and started reffing games between the two schools. The fields were awash with bright blues and pastel pinks, and as the afternoon wore on, both Jenner and Walsh demonstrated solid teamwork, moving the ball from one player to another and hustling to get back on defense. Groupon’s coaches offered encouragement and pointers during the games, and in the day’s final matches, the big kids jumped onto the fields to make things a bit more exciting.

When the games ended, Coach Jessica, a longtime volunteer from Team Groupon, told the teams, “I wish I could do that every Friday.” The feeling is mutual. “Groupon’s squad made our players’ weekends,” says Coach Brendan. “They come out every year, and our kids always have so much fun with them.”

Thanks to everyone from Groupon who joined us at the game. As partners go, you’re some of our favorites, and our kids love spending time with you!

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