Week 5: Respect With Howe

HowE resPect.jpG

Week 5’s Work to Play lesson is a time to highlight Respect. Work to Play students juggle a lot of different responsibilities during the soccer season. Being a member of the team means doing a fantastic job in and outside of the classroom. As a result of this, the student athletes on the Work to Play team are expected to treat one another with consideration and high esteem. Being teammates means being a part of the Urban Initiatives family.  The Howe School of Excellence Work to Play team embodies this familial attitude of respect.

Kadin and Jamir, real life cousins and two of the fastest soccer players on the Howe team, fall down while scrimmaging and taking big kicks on goals. However, they always help one another up. Kadin and Jamir show each other respect by taking the time to stop play and take care of another teammate. They are also great role models for the other Howe soccer players.

Off the field, Howe soccer players are learning about respect too! After every soccer practice, Howe soccer players enjoy a healthy snack of water, apples and granola bars. Earlier in the season Howe soccer players would litter the wrappers and cores around the school grounds after they finished eating the post-practice treat. However, after Coach Jordan had a discussion with his team about respecting their community and the Earth Howe soccer players have made a conscious effort to appropriately discard their waste after practice. They even pick up other soccer players wrappers that aren’t their own, taking responsibility and showing respect for the Howe community.

Whether on or off the field, the Howe soccer team works together to create an atmosphere of respect. Way to go Howe School of Excellence!

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