Walsh Players Enjoy Visit From Chicago Fire Players


On a chilly November afternoon, 3 of the Chicago Fire’s best players attended the Walsh Elementary team party. This was made possible by Junior Board member and Chicago Fire player Mike Videira. Mike, a regular volunteer at several UI schools for the past few years decided to surprise Walsh players while asking his teammates to give back to Chicago’s youth . So Mike along with Sherjill Macdonald (forward) and Dominic Oduro (forward) joined Walsh players for their end of the fall Work to Play season celebration.

But before any of the awards were given out, Fire players held a clinic for the kids as a way to encourage them to stay active throughout the off-season. Sherjill’s station focused on attacking, specifically how to use your body to get a defender to go the other way. Dominic’s station taught heading and at the end had the kids do a juggling exercise using just their heads. Mike’s station focused on passing and protecting the ball specifically using both feet to make a pass and using your body to shield the ball.

After the kids completed each station they moved into the cafeteria where Coach Fronczak along with the Fire players handed out medals and certificates to each of the players. At the end of the Awards ceremony, the kids asked each of the Fire players to sign their t-shirts and to take pictures with them.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Fire Players Mike, Dominic and Sherjill for coming out and giving the Walsh players a memory that will last a lifetime!

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