UI Parent: Alexandra Vanegas

UI intern Katherine Winslow, from North Shore Country Day School, completed a great project where she profiled three Urban Initiatives’ participants family members. Here’s Part One.

For the past 6 years, Alexandra has been an Urban Initiatives super mom. Along with being the mother of Brandon, a Take the Lead Team Captain and Work to Play alum, she has been a wonderful role model and has been very involved, going to all of his practices and games. On top of that, she is also an Assistant Coach for the Work to Play team at Walsh Elementary. Helping with around 30 soccer players  she has worked hard to earn their respect and help them achieve all that UI has to offer. Her practices consist of a good warm up, some scrimmaging, and a couple of fun games including Sharks and Minnows!

One of her favorite parts of helping with UI is getting to work with such amazing and different kids. In her opinion, all kids like sports and in return they receive exercise, they stay off the streets, and are provided with an activity instead of just sitting around and watching TV. She also noted that it helps with school and encourages children, her son included, to use their time productively.  She firmly believes that UI helps provide a better and brighter future for all the kids, families, and the communities that it serves.

In addition, she loves that Urban Initiatives feels like one big family. She stated, “Y cuando nos hacen nuestra reunión se esfuerzan por darnos algo bueno, un atención muy agradable… no es simplemente que trabajas allí si no es como parte de nuestra familia parte de hacer un futuro mejor.” We are glad the community we have worked so hard to foster shines through.

Thanks to Alexandra and all of the other amazing UI parents for everything you do! We couldn’t do it without you all.

  • Katherine Winslow

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