The Prieto Team is Hot for the Fire

On October 12th Urban Initiatives participants from Prieto Academy had the incredible opportunity to attend the Chicago Fire game at Toyota Park thanks to a generous donation made by the Fire. In total, 75 students, parents, and coaches from the school cheered on the Fire as they battled against the Kansas City Wizards. For many of the students it was their first ever experience attending a professional sporting event and most had never seen a soccer game live.

Overall the students did not stop cheering through the entire event. In fact, the students cheered so loudly that “Sparky” the Chicago Fire mascot came over to give them all hugs and high gives. It was an unforgettable experience for all that attended the field trip.

At the end of the game the Fire may not have been the winners on the scoreboard but they were the clear champs in the eyes of the Urban Initiatives participants. On the way out one boy even said, “This is was the best day ever! ” Thank you to the Chicago Fire for making it happen. Click here to check out two videos.

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