Team UI Runner Profile: Meet Alex!

14 Team Urban Initiatives runners have been training hard since this past Spring for the 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. We are excited to introduce you all the members of Team UI and learn a little about why they signed up to run 26.2 for thousands of UI kids across Chicago.

Who are you? Where are you from?

Alex Bleiweiss – born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Lived in Chicago for 3+ years following undergrad & graduate school at Miami (Oh).

What is your favorite tune to listen to while running?

I like to do NPR. There are a few shows I do each time that are about history, psychology, and other random studies. I’ll do this for the first two thirds of my long runs and then ramp it up with electronic music at the end.

How did you get involved with Urban Initiatives?

Referenced by Shaun Deliberato.

What has motivated you to run a marathon in general and what has motivated you to run for Urban Initiatives?

I’m very passionate about fitness and health, I also saw a good way to align that part of my life with putting it towards a good cause.

What are some training challenges you’ve faced so far?

I cannot stop eating once I do a long run.. more seriously though, the time has been the biggest obstacle. Finding an hour or more to put towards a run + cool down takes the majority of my free time.

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