Tarkington and Nobel Join the UI Team

Next week, Urban Initiatives will welcome the Tarkington School of Excellence and Alfred Nobel Elementary School to our team. Both of these schools are a great fit for our Work to Play Program and we are thrilled to make them our 15th and 16th program sites. This expansion will enable us to serve 60 additional youth per season and will expand our impact into the West Lawn and West Humboldt Park communities.

Overall Urban Initiatives will be serving 480 students at 16 schools in 13 Chicago communities this spring. Thank you to all of our tremendous supporters who make our growth possible!

Tarkington is committed to providing a safe and rigorous academic environment where all students are prepared to become critical citizens. Given our whole child approach to development we believe the students at Tarkington will love our comprehensive health and education soccer curriculum.

Nobel’s goal is to motivate all students, parents, staff, and community to become active participants in education. Urban Initiatives looks forward to being a programmer who is committed to helping Nobel reach its goal by collaborating with the stakeholders in our participants’ lives.

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