Take the Lead Team Captains go to Camp!

This past week four of our Take the lead participants (and one coach) had the chance to participate in a week-long boy Scout camp in the northwoods of wisconsin. camp makajawan is about 4 ½ hours north OF Chicago and offers all sorts of outdoor activities (hiking, FIShing, camp fires, boating). to say the least, it was a week full of firsts.

The week started with a swim test. On the way down to the lake, the crew encountered a herd of deer on the trail: first #1. From there, we finished our descent to the lake to take the required swim test, which in itself was a big deal because 0 out of the 4 were proficient swimmers. But, they braved the waters and went for it.

Day 2 continued in the same manner. It started with breakfast at the mess hall, where the staff led the kids in songs (the staff was amazing!) and explained the day’s events. After a morning environmental science session, the boys tried their hand at archery: first #2. They quickly learned and were pretty accurate after only an hour. Later that same day, we went fishing: for many, first #3. A few were lucky to catch some panfish.


The week followed in the same vein. The kids made their first fires and learned the safety associated with them. They whittled hiking sticks, ate smores, and told campfire stories. Most importantly, they made many new friendships. A big Thank You to the Northeast Illinois Council Boy Scout’s of America (BSA) for an unforgettable week!

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