Straight from the Kids!

Handout Example - Jakari.jpgAt Urban Initiatives, we know how important character building and healthy lifestyle changes are to the overall development of our kids. Fun activity sheets that speak to these topics are given to our kids each week. Check out some of the thoughtful and inspiring responses we received from the players themselves!

Picture: Jakari, a 3rd grader at Attucks, shows that he is responsible by being a good teammate.

What is your team goal for the year?
"To be an awesome sport in every game by helping each other out."
– Enrique, 3rd grader at Jahn

"To have fun!"
– Student at Jahn

"Our team goal is to say "great job" to each other [when] we do good, and to work together and get a goal."
– Shaniya, 2nd grader at Attucks

"My team goal is to give confidence to my team and make sure the team stays healthy."
– Calvin, 4th grader at Attuck

Write about a time that you showed commitment:
"I get up early every Tuesday and Thursday for soccer practice."
– Marvin, 4th grader at Claremont

"I am committed to helping my teammates."
– Henry, 2nd grader at Bethune

"I am committed to my duties at home."
– Gabrielle, 3rd grader at Reavis

"I felt committed when I joined the soccer team."
– Dantwanette, 3rd grader at Claremont

Player Spotlight – Ashontis, 4th grader at Sherman

Player Spotlight - Ashontis.jpg

What is your team goal for this year?
"To make a better community."

Write about a time that you were committed:
"Once, I asked if I could help my granny clean up and she said, "Sure. That’s some good commitment!" I was so proud!"

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