UI Player Grows Locks to Help Youth with Cancer

Untitled - Version 2.jpgSporting long hair is a common trend amongst professional and amateur soccer players. With his own long locks, 3rd grader Richard at Goethe certainly has his soccer look down pat. His skills on the field and in the classroom are an added bonus. While playing the “Number Game” Richard, or as his teammates call him Ricky, was continually brushing away the mop on his head to better his vision.

Once time expired Coach Cristobal, the Program Associate at Goethe went up to Ricky and suggested he cut his hair so it’s not constantly bothering him. Ricky replied, “I can’t, I’m growing it out because I’m donating it to kids with cancer.” Needless to say Coach Cristobal was amazed at Ricky’s generosity and gesture to those that are in need. Much like his attitude on the soccer field, Ricky is a “pass first” player.

The following are words directly from Ricky about his decision to grow out his hair:

 “My name is Richard and this is the second time I have grown out my hair. A few years ago I heard about a place called Locks of Love, they give kids that have lost their hair to cancer treatment wigs made with donated hair. I have grown and donated my hair once already and I’m growing it out again as a donation. I think it’s a great idea because I’m helping other kids. I think Locks of Love and Urban Initiatives both help kids in different ways. Urban Initiatives has helped me learn a new sport, teamwork and sportsmanship. I think Locks of Love helps kids who have lost their hair feel better. Plus I like having long hair because it makes me feel like a rockstar!”

Ricky’s powerful words and gesture don’t even scratch the surface of describing the kind of extraordinary student athlete he is. Thank you Ricky for allowing the UI team to share your story, we applaud you! 

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