Soccer60 Warms Up Winter

The 2016 Soccer60 season at Our Lady of Grace was EPIC! The kids learned and improved their soccer and life skills. The beginning of the season started off a little hectic. Once rules and guidelines were set, it was smooth sailing from there. Urban Initiatives new Player of the Week award was debuted. This award went to the player who took what we talk about during or character discussions, and display them effectively during practice throughout the week. The winner(s) received a piece of UI memorabilia and recognition in front of the whole team. Depending on the week, the winners would be able to pick what games we played as a team. GAGA, flinch, and stingers were definitely OLG favorites. All season, the talk around OLG was when the final Game Day was. Kids were so excited to travel off site and join forces with St. Angelas.

At St. Angela’s, the 2016 Soccer season was filled with physical activity, sportsmanship, and teamwork. There wasn’t a practice that went by that the kids didn’t want to play both fox tails and the numbers game. Many of the participants at St. Angela’s are veterans, having been with us for a couple of years now. This made the transition for the new players very easy, as they could just follow the lead of our returning participants during games and while learning skill moves. All season, everyone was so anxious for their game day and couldn’t wait to compete with Our Lady of Grace!

On February 25th, it all went down. OLG and St Angela’s came together for an ultimate game day at the Chicago Indoor Sports center. Games were played, jokes were shared, and friends were made. The kids had a great time! It was such a great way to end the soccer season. I am definitely looking forward to next season.

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