Recess Fun with Katie and Amanda

The first week of school is in the books! First year REC Coordinator Amanda Diaz shares her experience as the “new kid on the block” at Prieto. Then, Second year REC Coordinator, Katie shares her week one experience as she once again gets students at Palmer moving.

Hey everyone, Coach Amanda here! Being the new kid on the block is never easy, especially when there are 1,040 scholars’ names and faces to memorize! Although it has been a challenging week getting to know all the new faces, it has been fun and exciting to watch the scholars of Prieto Math and Science Academy interacting with one another and learning how to play organized games and fun activities. I am so lucky to have a very supportive Principal and Assistant Principal who are all about Urban Initiatives and getting kids to play every day!

My favorite part of the week was getting to show 8th grade boys some of my skills playing basketball. Playing Protect the President with 5th graders was also a ton of fun. They had a blast and so did I! My main goal for the school year is to remember as many names as possible – I better get some note cards!


Hi, it’s Coach Katie! I’m returning for my second year as the REC Coordinator at John Palmer Elementary. The first day of school made me feel like a kid again. Seeing students back in the building, greeting old friends and making new ones, it almost seems like we never left! We have two other friendly faces on the recess team, Mercedes, a Recess Facilitator veteran, and Michelle, a new teammate, making our recess team stronger than ever!

It took one or two days for everyone to relearn the routines of recess, but we’re already enjoying our 20 minutes of sweaty fun! Even during Thursday’s soggy indoor recess, kids were up and moving, playing new games to kick off the new school year. Circle Dodgeball is becoming the school’s new favorite game. Students were already using their Palmer Pride to work on their teamwork and communication to make the games run smoothly. This is shaping up to be the best year of recess yet!

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