Quest Foundation Sustains Support!

The Quest Foundation has selected Urban Initiatives as a grant recipient for the 2017–2018 school year! Since 2014, the Quest Foundation has been a dedicated supporter of our Work to Play Program and we are happy to say that they will continue supporting Work to Play with a $45,000 grant!

Their contribution will help to fund program expenses that provide the environment, adult role models and materials needed to produce positive outcomes at their three Champion Partner Schools: Little Village Academy, Marquette Elementary and Stevenson Elementary. Each of these expenses are vital to providing participants with learning opportunities that are both experiential and discussion-based in order to maximize impact. Between the three schools there are 90 participants who will benefit from the Quest Foundation’s support of Work to Play.

We are continually grateful of the Quest Foundation’s support and look forward to sustaining this relationship for years to come. Thank you from the Urban Initiatives team!

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