PArty Time: Meet Frank!

Our newest batch of Program Associates took the time to get to know one another with some fun interviews. It’s time to meet the new PA’s and learn some interesting facts about UI’s newest team members.

Meet Frank – written by Coach Kaitlyn

Born and raised near the Southside of Chicago, Frank Nares is a fan of anything and everything Chicago. Whether it’s cheering on the Bulls, Bears, Cubs—and now working at Urban Initiatives—Frank is what we would consider a true native of the city, and loves calling it his home!

For the majority of his life Frank has been involved with sports. He played basketball and baseball as a kid, and now enjoys watching his favorite sport: boxing. In fact, he loves boxing so much that he (and some of his friends) partake in occasional podcasts, where he discusses the latest news and updates within the boxing sporting community!

Sports aside, Frank attended Chicago Military High School. He then enrolled and graduated from Indiana State University with his bachelor’s degree in Sports Management. Frank also is a HUGE fan of rap and hip hop. His personal favorites include Slaughterhouse, Joe Budden, and Eminem. He specifically appreciates these artists’ underground feel and authenticity. As a lyrist, and “budding” hip hop artist himself, Frank embraces hip hop as a real form of art.

What’s Frank most excited about in terms of working for Urban Initiatives? Hands down, the kids. Not only is he looking forward to having fun and being a positive role model for them, he is also excited to “be a part of lessons and life skills that can be used and learned from throughout the rest of their lives.”

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