PArty Time: Meet Christina!

Our newest batch of Program Associates took the time to get to know one another with some fun interviews. It’s time to meet the new PA’s and learn some interesting facts about UI’s newest team members.

Meet Christina – written by Coach Eugene

All my life people have been asking me “Eugene, can you introduce me to Christina Valencia?!” Christina is a very busy woman, so I never had the chance to introduce her to the people that have been asking me about her. I have decided to write a small blog about Christina herself. I recently sat down with the mysterious Ms. Valencia to give people a better idea of who she really is. Christina grew up on the southwest streets of Chicago in a neighborhood known as Pilsen. Christina went to Northern Illinois University where she majored in History with a minor in Anthropology.

For those of you who are asking yourselves “What in the world is Anthropology?!” Anthropology is the study of humanity. The main subdivisions of anthropology are Social and Cultural Anthropology. That is where Urban Initiatives comes into play. Christina applied to UI because she wanted to explore youth programs around the Chicagoland area and really understand the low income communities aside from the ones that she has worked in. Christina loves working with youth and has a personal goal of developing them into great leaders. One day she wants to look back and say to herself that she helped out many communities and families.

Christina grew up playing many sports with her brothers and the kids on her block. She played every game you can imagine from soccer to basketball to tennis! Some of Christina’s hobbies include arts and crafts, decorating rooms, drawing, played board and video games with friends. Christina also loves Chicharones. For those of you who have never heard of this snack, its basically friend pork skin that street vendors sell in their carts with other snacks like raspas and elotes.

Christina is most excited about meeting and building relationships with schools, youth and families. She looks forward to getting to know communities and guiding youth through an exciting and fun learning experience. Most people do not know that she has six brothers and four sisters! She is the youngest girl and second youngest from all 11 kids! When it comes to favorite pro-athlete, Christina has a very unique answer. Her favorite athletes are Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker from the WWE! This concludes my blog on Christina. I hope you learned a lot about her. If you ever see her walking around, ask her to show you some special Undertaker wrestling moves!!!

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