Meet Jose!

REC Coordinators are vital to Urban Initiatives’ mission of empowering Chicago’s youth to become agents of community change through academic success, healthy living, and leadership development. They drive systematic change by connecting stakeholders and strengthening the social fabric of the community. Meet KyJuan, one of UI’s newest REC Coordinators!

Name: Jose Xavier Montenegro

Birthday: July 22, 1988

Where you last went to school: Daley College

Who is your favorite Spice Girl/Backstreet Boy/Power Ranger? Baby Spice, Ray J, Green Ranger

Who is someone that has really inspired you in your lifetime? Lance Karbel and my biggest fan, my mom

If we gave you $20 to go spend on anything right now, what would you buy? Lunch for me and my coworker

What’s your favorite type of cheese and why? Cheddar, it’s amazing

What is your spirit animal? Ron Swanson

If you were to throw a dinner party, who are 3 people you’d want to invite? Gym owner, Chuy Garcia, and Brian shawn

What is the last book you read? Billy the Kid

What’s the best place to get food in Chicago? Nuevo Leon

How would your best friend describe you? No comment, lol

What’s your favorite childhood sports-related memory? Going to see WWE Smackdown with my friend.

What are you most excited about for 2017? A new beginning

What was your first impression of Jim Dower?  The man with the plan

Anything else you’d like to share?! I took. Daley school basketball ball team to the playoffs. Season record of 5 wins  2 loses. I just completed a powerlifting meet first place in my weight class . A 435 deadlift.

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