Heroes for Healthy Schools Visit UI

DSC01195.JPGLast week Healthy Schools Campaign, the Chicago Public Schools, and the Office of Minority Health, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services teamed up to recognize Minority Health Month in a series called Heroes for Healthy Schools. On April 8th, they concluded the week’s activities by joining Urban Initiatives for our game day at Chicago Indoor Sports with participants from Jenner, Prieto, and Reavis schools.

The Office of Minority Health sent 18 peer educators from around the country to play with our program participants as well as serve as assist coaches and referees throughout the afternoon. During water breaks and at the end of the games the peer educators led health discussions. The educators brought a different perspective to the health topics discussed weekly by the Urban Initiatives staff.

Erica, one of the educators, went over CLOCC’s 5-4-3-2-1 Go! message with participants from Prieto and spoke in detail about how important each of the components is to long-term success.

Katie another peer educator said after the games, "Oh my gosh I had so much fun!" The Urban Initiatives participants shared the same enthusiasm as they enjoyed interacting with the peer health educators and showing off their soccer moves. Thank you to all of the organizations who collaborated to put together Heroes for Healthy Schools and thank you to the peer educators for being positive role models to our participants.

Click here to check out a blog post written by the Office of Minority Health on their day with Urban Initiatives.

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