Get to know Patty!

When patty joined the team as a program associate in august 2013, she was excited to be working with students with similar backgrounds to her own. Patty grew up in an inner city, which has allowed her to relAte to the kids in the program.

The parents of the participants also trust her because they see many similarities between their own children and Patty.  It has allowed the families to really open up to her.  When asked why she wanted to work at Urban Initiatives, she said, “I wanted to work in communities that are similar to the ones I grew up in.  I also wanted to work with an organization that was going to promote a healthier lifestyle because of so many health issues that affect the Latina/o community.  I was hesitant at first because I have never worked with elementary school children, but I feel that I have been able to create a strong connection to the students at this age and their families.”

Sports have taught Patty many important lessons, such as developing a sense of discipline and enhancing her time management skills.  They have also acted as a stress outlet.  Patty has seen how sports and Urban Initiatives can impact a child.  She believes that the students have learned a lot through the character and health discussions.  These talks have led to students changing their outlook on their lifestyles, making healthier choices, being physically active, and being more respectful in school and at home.
There have been many great moments so far for Patty, but when asked about her favorite, she said, “ My favorite memory while working at Urban Initiatives was during the second Take the Lead Retreat at Otis Elementary School. I had so much fun with all our team captains! All of them enjoyed the retreat and our discussions were amazing.  I had to take five students back home after the retreat and they were chatting so much! We stopped by Subway to eat because they were hungry and had amazing conversations.  To this day, all of those students still talk to each other outside of their team captain spaces.” We are thrilled that Patty chose to be a part of our team!
Fun Fact: Patty hates to run but she still does it! She compares herself to running slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter.

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