Get to know Jeff!

After leaving the peace Corps, jeff found the perfect job- being a program associate at urban initiatives! he joined the team in August 2013 and is currently overseeing the work to Play program at Lloyd, MarqUette, mcnair, Nobel, Providence englewood charter School, And Tarkington.

He was drawn to Urban Initiatives by his love of soccer and working with youth. It seemed like a perfect fit because Urban Initiatives uses soccer and play as a tool to bridge gaps and help children develop, which Jeff sees as positive development tools. Jeff brings a unique perspective to the Program Associate role because he has lived in various places, such as Cape Verde, for extended periods of time. These experiences have allowed him to approach problems and help create solutions in ways different than how others might. Besides living around the world, sports have helped shaped who Jeff has become.  When asked how sports have impacted his life, he replied, “Sports have always played an integral part in my life.

Growing up, they taught me how to interact with others and gave me a platform to learn and practice leadership. Now, sports act as a therapeutic activity. Shooting hoops and juggling help me reflect and relax in times of stress.“ Jeff needs to keep a stress ball handy because one of his favorite Urban Initiatives memories is playing games on the annual staff retreat.  It gets very competitive and as Jeff says, “our staff plays for keeps!” As competitive as it might be during staff games, Jeff thinks one of the biggest impacts that Urban Initiatives has is providing a safe place for kids.  That space allows kids to learn how to lead a healthy life, both physically and emotionally. Jeff has been a great team member this year!

Fun Facts: Jeff loves to dance. He also loves languages.

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