Get to know Adam!

Adam started with urban Initiatives in august 2013 as a program associate. coach bear currently helps facilitate the work to Play program at attucks, claremont, kozminski, libby, reavis and Sherman.

He was drawn to the position because the Work to Play program rewards children with a chance to participate in a sports-based youth development program through maintaining good grades and positive behavior in the classroom. Adam’s experiences working with youth, his understanding of the value of evaluation, his integrity, and his understanding of the company culture have all contributed to his success as a Program Associate. When asked what he believes the biggest impact that Urban Initiatives has, he replied, “Escape. I think that the time spent with Urban Initiatives provides a time for kids to escape from whatever is going on at home or at school. It allows a child to be good at something also. Especially in the neighborhoods that I work in on the south side, which are primarily black, the students have a talent that is often misunderstood by most of their peers. This allows them the unique opportunity to escape from peer pressure and judgments about athleticism. I like that the kids get the time and place to be themselves while exercising.”

Sports have played a large part in Coach Bear’s life. Running cross-country helped to shape his identity and taught him about patience and perseverance. He still goes for a run when he needs to clear his head. Martial arts have also taught him many valuable lessons, including maturity. Although he has many memories from working at Urban Initiatives, one that really sticks out is when Coach Bear was brave enough to drive “clown-car” style in Cambridge on the annual retreat! We are happy to have Adam on our team!

Fun Fact: Adam is a licensed stockbroker.

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