Chicago Blackhawks Score a Goal with UI Students

Urban Initiatives is excited to announce our continued partnership with The Chicago Blackhawks Charities! This year, the Blackhawks will be the Champion Sponsors of our Work to Play program at THREE UI partner schools: Otis Elementary, Beilder Elementary, and Faraday Elementary through their $50,000 grant.

Chicago Blackhawks Charities are committed to creating a better tomorrow through support to programs and institutions promoting health and wellness, education and housing – striving to serve local citizens and impact the lives of youth and their families in and around the city of Chicago.

Jim Dower says, “We are honored to have the Blackhawks Charities on the Urban Initiatives team and we look forward to strengthening this amazing partnership throughout the year! Thank you, Blackhawks!”

The Urban Initiatives team thanks the Chicago Blackhawks Charities for their generous support to the organization.

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