UI’s Healthy Schools Celebrated at City-Wide Event

DSC01058.JPGThis spring, SIX Urban Initiatives partner schools were recognized for successfully completing the HealthierUS Schools Challenge and making healthy school environments a priority! The HealthierUS SchoolsChallenge looks at school policies about classroom rewards and celebrations, fundraisers, nutrition education for students and families, and opportunities for physical education and physical activity throughout the school day. 

Urban Initiatives partner schools made progress this year toward implementing policies and practices that support healthy lifestyles for everyone in the school community! Daley worked with their school food provider to bring in a salad bar so that students could choose more veggies at lunch. Morton’s amazing Coach Jett decided to stop using candy bars as a fundraiser for her sports program and Libby school hosted a very popular fruit smoothie fundraiser. Jahn is an all-star school because all its students have recess every day, and the administration brings in dozens of fun community partners to help students learn about healthy lifestyles.

Representatives from Libby, Daley, Jahn, Johnson, Pasteur and Morton schools were among the 37 schools recognized at the Go for the Gold! Celebration picnic hosted by Healthy Schools Campaign! The event featured fun activity stations for kids (including some soccer games with UI’s Coach Simba), and a healthy summer snack. We are so proud of our schools that we are doing Beyonce’s "Let’s Move" dance!


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