Three Cheers for the 2019 Multicultural Cup!

One of the first major programming events of the school year is also one of our most beloved events. The Multicultural Cup is one of the most fun events of the year because it brings together all of Urban Initiatives values, but especially emphasizes inclusion, fun, and teamwork. 

For the first year ever, Urban Initiatives was proud to have Target as the presenting sponsor of the Multicultural Cup. This event is so fun, and this year we got to share this special evening with one of our most dedicated supporters. We are so grateful that Target continues to demonstrate their commitment to community service by supporting our work. 

The 2019 Multicultural Cup included participants from 3 Chicago Public Schools, 55 volunteers, 15 staff members, and the families of our participants. Target brought out volunteers to help make it happen and we were also fortunate to have many of our Associate Board members present to help run stations and coach our participants. This event is truly a team effort and we are so grateful for all the members of the community that helped make this day a blast for our participants. 

Our participants got the opportunity to rotate through soccer stations and activities that celebrate the many cultures that make Chicago diverse and strong. Staff and volunteers facilitated a yoga station, a Latin dance station, a worldwide matching game, and Chinese lantern making. Participants got to learn about different cultures through these activities and celebrate the rich multiculturalism of Chicago. Of course, our participants also got out on the field and practiced their soccer moves. We are only one week into our soccer season, so this was their first game day of the year! It was fun seeing players- from new participants to veterans- test out their skills. 

Finally, we wrapped up the evening with a community meal that featured foods from around the world. We had falafel, hummus, fried rice, plantains and more! It’s always fun to see our participants try new foods and share a meal together. 

As always, the Multicultural Cup was a blast for everyone involved. We are so grateful to all the staff, volunteers, and coaches that made this event happen. We are especially proud to have Target join us in making this event possible. Three cheers for the Multicultural Cup! 

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