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Skender Foundation Raises $25k for Urban Initiatives

On October 16, Skender’s Harvesting Hope benefit took place at Rockit Bar & Grill, and Urban Initiatives was the chosen beneficiary. The event was a blast! It was filled with great people who were eager to support and learn more about our cause.  In total, the Skender Foundation raised an impressive $25,000 in support of our sports-based youth development programs.

Harvesting Hope is hosted by the Builders’ Board, a group of next-generation leaders working together with Skender Foundation to inspire positive, sustainable change in the community. For more information visit www.skenderfoundation.org. Thanks to the Builders’ Board’s amazing efforts, the Work to Play team at National Teachers Academy launched this fall and the kids at NTA are enjoying soccer team participation while learning important lessons about health, character, and teamwork. We are extremely thankful to the Skender Foundation, and are proud to have them as part of the team.

Urban Initiatives Executive Director Jim Dower said, “When we met with the Skender Foundation, things just clicked. The leadership of their Builders’ Board truly understands the power of sports to positively impact the lives of kids, their families, and the community. I am incredibly grateful to welcome such incredible partners onto our team who value the remarkable impact young professionals’ support can have on an organization like ours.”

According to Brian Skender, “Skender Foundation selected Urban Initiatives as the Beneficiary of our third annual Harvesting Hope event for several reasons, but most importantly was the enthusiasm their team shared with helping the next generation become more active and learn life skills through sports and recess. After meeting with Jim Dower and team, we knew Urban Initiatives’ values and mission were in line with Skender Foundation’s and the Builders’ Board couldn’t be happier to be helping such a worthy cause that is truly making an impact in children’s lives in the Chicagoland area.”

NTA is located in the Armour Square community and has been an amazing addition to our program! The Head Coaches Aaron O’Neill and Melissa Matthews lead the team of 45 soccer scholars with never-ending enthusiasm and positive energy. We can’t wait for the Builders’ Board to visit NTA and see the impact of their investment firsthand.

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