Kicking Off October with the 10th Wilmette Cross-Town

2960793966_de9a56a157_b.jpgUrban Initiatives is thrilled to be have been invited by the Wilmette Wings to participate in our 10th Cross-town Classic with the club. The event will take place on October 1st from 3:45-5:30pm at Avoca Fields. We would love for you to come out and join the fun!

At the event, we will create teams that have a mix of players from both the Wings and the Urban Initiatives program. Cross-town Classics are a unique way to bring communities together to celebrate soccer, further promote active and healthy lifestyles, and for youth to make new friends from outside their immediate communities. Through the collaboration of Urban Initiatives and the Wings, we provide a unique and fun-filled experience for all involved!

Urban Initiatives participants look forward to Cross-town Classics and work hard in the classroom all week in order to attend – their participation on the field is contingent on their academic performance and behavior. Every week teachers complete a “Work to Play” form for each student they have participating in the Urban Initiatives program. On the forms, teachers assess each student on a five point scale for the Work to Play criteria, which involve individualized academic as well as behavioral standards (completes homework, attends class, is respectful, etc.). Only when a student is scoring goals during school are they allowed to attend the Cross-town in Wilmette and score on the field. The idea is to use soccer as an incentive for students to value their education and personal growth.

Cross-towns are without a doubt our program participants’ favorite field trip. They look forward to playing alongside the new friends and none is more welcoming than the Wilmette Wings. We would love for you all to come out and participate. The Wilmette Wings dedication to the Cross-town tournament has acted as a catalyst and guide for other clubs to get involved. This event differentiates the Wings Soccer Club from every other youth soccer club in the country! Thank you to the Wings community for making this happen!


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