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Your gift will allow us to sustain our work and make an even greater impact on kids in need. 87% of every dollar donated goes directly to our programs. All donations to Urban Initiatives are tax-deductible.

Social-emotional learning (SEL) in action fuels healthy youth development

Play is the ideal vehicle for teaching SEL, which UI does all year long

We are growing to meet the demands of the moment and Chicago’s future

We foster school improvement, providing educators with SEL-focused strategies

Empowering Youth

Urban Initiatives uses the power of sport and play to empower Chicago’s youth to achieve academic success, develop social-emotional skills, and build social capital. Our work is in its 20th year of changing lives.

Accelerate Growth

When we watch young people play today, we see social-emotional learning in action. But, sport and play are becoming the privilege of the wealthy few. The Accelerator Campaign is helping us to rally the resources to fuel our sports-based SEL movement.