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Your contributions make all the difference

  • $5,000 School Sponsorship: support 30 Work to Play participants at a school for one season.
  • $500 Child Sponsorship: support one Work to Play participant for the entire school year (sponsor as many children as you want!).
  • $167 Season Sponsorship: support one Work to Play participant for an entire season.
  • $50 Healthy Snack Sponsorship: provide nutritious snacks for 30 children during one week of the Work to Play season.

All donations to Urban Initiatives are tax-deductible. The families we serve pay no fees for our services so we rely on the generosity of donors to run our programs in underserved Chicago communities. Every donation, both large and small, helps Urban Initiatives to achieve our mission. On behalf of all the children we serve, thank you for your support!

*Privacy policy:
1) Name, address and email collected when donating is for organization use only
2) Email to review and update any personal information
3) Email to request donation be listed as “Anonymous”
4) All personal information is kept in a password protected database